Saturday, March 21, 2009


This is a variation of a theme I've been exploring lately. I want to visualise the paths taken when sometimes opposing forces of attraction and repulsion act on point bodies. In this case, 4 points are paired up, and filled lines with a gold border are drawn between the members of the pairs. These pairs are attracted to each other and will move closer until they reach a certain threshold, whereupon the attractive force changes to repulsion. The pairs are thus constantly either drawn together, or pushed apart. In addition, hidden, non-moveable points are placed in the virtual world. These points also exert forces on the dynamic points according to the same rules of attraction and repulsion. Each dynamic point is given an initial velocity and over time, their paths are traced out. Although theoretically, given enough time it may settle into a static equilibrium, the complex interplay between the myriad of forces and the discrete time nature of computational simulations means that that time is a long way in coming if at all.

Here are some closeups of the tracks.

Interlaced has been uploaded to redbubble should you want a printout.

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